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When temperatures drop, the joys of swimming become rarer until it disappears to await the return of the summer. Although the low temperature of the water does not allow bacteria, algae and other microorganisms to benefit from your pool and grow, but you can 't leave your pool in the state if you want to benefit from it as long as possible. Do not completely empty your pool because it has a negative impact on your floor and the structure of your pool, it is requiring the force exerted by the water to remain stable.

The winterization is an important step to ensure the longevity of your pool and ensure the continuity of good quality water, while facing the challenges of winter.

Dolo Piscine offers to do the winterizing of your pool, to preserve it in the best condidtions.

The actions undertaken are as follow :


  • Sweeping the pool,

  • Partial emptying if it is a passive wintering,

  • Cleanning of the water line and skimmer with a cleaning gel,

  • Adding the wintering product in water,

  • Cleanning the pool, add chlorine and wind the automatic protection,

  • Implementation of the winter cover,

  • Cleaning and storage of the isothermal cover,

  • Purge of hydraulic circuits,

  • Descaling filter with specific product,

  • Dismantling and cleaning of electrolytic cell ,

  • Emptying pump or heat exchanger according to installation,

  • Cleaning and storage of robot if necessary.

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