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The cold season is now over and you want to fully enjoy of your swimming pool. Dolo Piscine offers to opening your swimming pool and make sure that you enjoy it as quickly as possible and in the best conditions. Planned actions are :

  • Removing, cleaning, drying and storage winter cover, if necessary,

  • Cleaning and storage floats and stoppers,

  • Sweeping pool, cleaning waterline and skimmer with cleaning gel,

  • Complete water level,

  • Analysis and water treatment: pH adjustment (pH minus) and water's hardness

  • Restarting filtration device and water treatment,

  • Control of the pressure and the manometer,

  • Restarting heating if available,

  • Control of spotlights and clock,

  • Control and recharge of consumables,

  • Control of the entire system (air intakes, small leaks),

  • Cleaning of the the technical premise if necessary.

For more informations or to request sales quote, please contact us via the contact form, we answer as soon as possible.


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