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Laying of PVC

With its frame in woven polyester high strength, reinforced membrane has extreme resistance to tearing or breaking, unique in its kind. Dolo Piscine makes the installation of reinforced PVC for renovation and new construction, both private and public pools.

This lining, suitable for free-form swimming pool, is stronger than the individual liners due to its thickness of 1.5 mm (150/100). Although the cost is higher, but it offers a good price / quality ratio, thanks to the following advantages:

  • Tear resistance : 270 newtons

  • High longevity: lifetime between 10 and 20 years

  • Complies with AFNOR T54 803-2

  • Not decreasing year warranty

This lining is available in various colors which you see some examples through these three slideshows retracing the laying of PVC:


blue PVC

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grey PVC

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beige PVC

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